Princess Animal Sidekicks! Princess 9: Tiana

Hello! Tiana’s Sidekicks are Louis and Ray. Ok, so today is an example of what I wrote in my first post when I say I am a wannabe artist. I am trying to learn from my mistakes, but today’s is just funny. I don’t have a vast array of colors so sometimes I will use a blending pen to create the shade I need.
The sketch is not too shabby.


Tip. Don’t use a blending pen that blends the colors around it when the back of your clipboard is covered in colors that will bleed through the paper. Otherwise, you will end up with a tie dye alligator.  Well. You draw and you learn. Anyway, hope this can brighten your day a little. Have an amazing day!

New Travel Series Announcement!

Hello! So I will be starting a weekly series documenting my day trips. I have been wanting to travel and I keep making excuses why I can’t. 

  • I work to much. 
  • I don’t have much money. 
  • It takes time. 

While these things are true, they also are just excuses and it doesn’t cost too much to do day trips locally. So I am resolving to travel more even if it’s somewhere less than an hour away. 

Oh, also just to let you all know, I live in Florida. So for right now, a majority of these entries will be in my home state. I hope to travel outside Florida a few times this year and those entries will be here as well. If you all have any suggestions where I should go I gladly will take them into consideration! 

I will have my first entry of this series tomorrow afternoon. It will be De Leon Springs State Park in De Leon Springs Florida. 

Have an amazing day!